Driveway Tractor Snow Pusher? Why You Should Ditch The Snow Plow And Shovel

Find out why more and more homeowners are switching to containment snow plows to clear their driveways.

tractor snow pusher

For years, snow blowers, shovels, or hiring truck snow plows to clear your driveway were the standard "go-to's" for homeowners. But in recent years, more people are putting down their shovels, putting away their wallet, and turning to their compact tractors and containment snow plows for their snow removal needs.

Since the dawn of driveway, many homeowners in colder areas of the country have dreaded snow and how to remove it from their driveways. Unless your vehicle of choice is a monster truck, snow on your driveway can definitely disrupt your daily routine. Homeowners will often turn to shovels, snow blowers, or shelling out the money to hire a snow plow to clear their driveway. While these options work, more and more people, especially in rural areas who own compact tractors are turning to containment snow plows/snow pushers.

Re-purposing landscaping, construction, and agricultural machinery for plowing snow during the winter time is a common occurrence in the commercial snow removal industry. Over the past several decades, snowplow professionals have realized that their equipment is better off working in the winter than sitting idle. A similar movement has begun among homeowners that own compact tractors and are using them to snow from their properties.

There are several reasons why homeowners are deciding to use snow pushers:

Driveway Damage

A standard bucket on a compact tractor does not glide over the plowing surface. Instead, the operator must continually adjust the bucket's angle to make sure it doesn't dig into the driveway. The sharp edge of the bucket can damage asphalt and scrape up the stone if being used on a gravel driveway.


A snow pusher "contains" snow within its side plates, allowing the operator to move more snow in one push. The side plates also aid the operator in stacking the snow as the tractor's arms move the snow pusher filled with snow up to the pile.



Our Compact Tractor Series Snow Pusher also comes with the option to have a backdrag kit installed. A back drag bar allows customers to not only push and contain snow but also pull snow away from hard-to-reach areas such as up against doors, garage doors, and parking spots.


Change With Your Machine

Many homeowners keep their compact tractors for long periods of time but when the time comes to make an upgrade, they might decide to choose a different brand. If this happens, the Compact Tractor Snow Pusher comes with a bolt-on connection that allows customers to easily switch connection types if needed. While not available from every snow pusher manufacturer, this option is offered with Snow Pusher Direct's compact tractor snow pushers.

tractor snow pusher


Great For Any Surface

The rubber edge of the snow pusher allows you to easily remove snow from asphalt driveways, which can lead to a reduction in salting. The edge is also safe for long gravel driveways. A common issue with buckets and standard metal edged snow plows is that they pick up driveway stone, leaving the homeowner with a huge mess in the spring. The rubber edge instead glides over the gravel.

If you are a homeowner that is tired of shoveling, messing with snow blowers, or paying others to do the work, consider a snow pusher for your compact tractor.


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