This One Snow Plow Can Easily Clear Snow From Your Sports Fields (Natural and Artificial Turf)

Is snow delaying or even canceling your sporting events? Our Compact Tractor Turf Plow Attachment is the solution.

turf snow plow

Snow can be a real pain for outdoor sports teams. It can delay or even cancel practices and games. For smaller teams that don't have field crews such as high schools and some colleges, athletes are forced to pick up shovels instead of their athletic gear. All of these problems are now solved with one simple but effective tool: Snow Pusher Direct's Turf Plow attachment.

This bolt-on attachment (edges and wear shoes) is an add-on to Snow Pusher Direct's Compact Tractor Series Snow Pusher. Customers can order this attachment when they purchase their snow pusher from Snow Pusher Director.

The rounded tube and shoes of the attachment allow the snow pusher to glide over the playing field, clearing and containing snow while also not damaging the surface. In the past, using snow plows to clear snow from sports fields, especially artificial turf was problematic. Artificial turf is extremely expensive, most field warranties don't cover snow removal, and the small rubber pellets on the field can be easily piled up if using a snow plow. Standard snow plows can not only dig up the rubber pellets on an artificial field but their sharp blades can also pierce the playing surface, causing permanent damage.

This new design from Snow Pusher Direct allows snow to be safely removed from the playing surface. The snow pusher is designed for both clearing snow and stacking snow if a considerable amount builds up on the sideline.

The Turf Plow attachment is also a perfect setup for teams that are also using their snow pusher for clearing parking lots and walkways. Customers simply swap out the turf attachment with the standard rubber edge and wear shoes.

Snow Pusher Direct's Compact Tractor Snow Pusher provides customers with the perfect blend of durability and price allowing everyone to use it from national sports teams down to the local high school.

The snow pusher also comes with a bolt-on coupler. Customers can choose from universal, John Deere, and post-style options.

The Turf Plow attachment comes as an option with the 5', 6', and 7' models of the Compact Tractor Series Snow Pusher.

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